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October 20th, 2009 · 1 Comment · Blubrry

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Episode Summary :

A succos treat that just can’t be beat!

Show Notes:

Thomas of New Berlin, viagra 40mg WI, this episode is for you!

Thank you for your support of our program and we hope that you enjoy this wonderful stuffed cabbage episode!

Avrom brings everyone up to date on the latest emails that are requesting for stuffed cabbage.  Ellen wants sweet and sour stuffed cabbage since her own Bubbe passed away many years ago.

And here comes the opening music!  I love this part….

Bubbe is now ready to make the stuffed cabbage which is a favorite for everyone.  It is harvest time since it is succos.  Bubbe explains how cabbage is a vegetable from the earth and the combination of why stuffed cabbage is perfect for succos.

It has many names like… stuffed cabbage.  Let’s not forget cabbage rolls, and the polish they call it… gowumpki.  In Yiddish, because you didn’t think we would leave that out, it is holishkes.  Like Ellen, Bubbe loves the sweet and sour sauce.

Bubbe got herself a semi-large head of cabbage, not wanting anything smaller then 3 – 3 1/2 pounds.  The worst part of the process is preparing the cabbage and this is what Bubbe is working on now.

Step 1: Cut off the core and take those leaves off.

Step 2: Put it in the pot, got to let it steam.

Step 3: Read the real recipe in the recipe section where Bubbe makes it really easy to understand the process in full details.

Bubbe, always being prepared, had a smaller head already prepared and ready to go.  You go Bubbe!

With the close of the pot cover, it is now time for THE YIDDISH WORD OF THE DAY!!!!  And today Bubbe goes old school with the word HEYMISH which means traditional, homey, and friendly.  It just gives you a heymish feeling.  A good familiar family feeling.  When you come to Bubbe’s home you get a heymish feeling.

Oh and an exciting announcement!  Project ReadOn!  We have the entire catalog now being transferred into closed captions.  If you need that little extra gift, get a Feed Me Bubbe t-shirt.  Only at feedmebubbe.com

The cabbage is out of the pot and on the plate ready for Bubbe to show you the next step.  Bubbe throws down advice letting you know that you can do this all the day before or even two days before.  It’s amazing how well the leaves peel off with no effort whatsoever.

And of course with any meal there are extras and Bubbe tells you exactly what to do with the extra cabbage.  But with that it is now time for the main event, the filling of the cabbage.

All of the ingredients from the eggs, to the hamburg, and even to the onions!  So many great ingredients being combined to make a meaty stuffed cabbage filling.

Bubbe does a little mixing with her hands and gets ready to take the filling she just made and to fill the cabbage leaves.  The rolling technique is amazing, just like a blintz.  If one is not enough Bubbe shows you again.  It is poetry in motion.

Since you get the idea, now it is time to do the rest.  Oh and here comes the part where Bubbe shows what you can do with the extra cabbage that she was talking about before.  The key is not to waste the food since you can always make use of it.  Others may use cabbage in the oven but Bubbe prefers using the stove itself.  

But what if there is a torn leaf, as Bubbe expertly holds up to the camera?  Not a problem just add the torn one to another leaf and add the filling like normal.  Nobody will know the difference since it gets rolled up anyway!

As we watch Bubbe stir the tomato paste with two cans of water among other ingredients the lovely sauce for the stuffed cabbage really shines.  Give a good stir and it gets poured all over the cabbage rolls.  And that is all, that is it!  Just bring to a boil and put the cover on!

Two cabbage rolls are taken out and they look delicious and amazing.  And look at the side dishes.  It is quite amazing what one can do with the leftovers.  

Bubbe then thanks everyone that wrote letters… ummm we mean emails!  Wait who writes letters any more in this day in age of technology?  Nobody does, it’s all about the instant communications with the emails!  (and we love every one of them!)

And at this point the credit rolls, we can’t forget Guertin’s graphics and awards that did a wonderful job providing beautiful t-shirts.  If you have graphics and awards needs be sure to give them a ring.

Special thanks to Project ReadOn for their closed captions and to Blubrry for their overwhelming support!  And with that we end another ever exciting episode as the banjo plays us out!


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All the best, The team at Feed Me Bubbe

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Feed Me Bubbe Episode #28 Passover Breakfast

July 2nd, 2009 · No Comments · Episode Notes

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Episode Summary :

Nothing is sweeter then a Passover Breakfast of fried matzo made by Bubbe.

Show Notes:

Let’s start by saying that this film was not filmed on Passover and was filmed due to educational purposes. The episode on the other hand is dedicated to Gwendolyn H. from Naperville, price IL. In this episode Bubbe starts talking about the way to tell that it is spring is when you go down to the grocery store and you see all of the Passover food that is displayed there. And you say “snow is gone, about it and spring is here!”

This episode is going to focus on breakfast. Now we always use cherry preserves but one year we wanted something different and Bubbe figured that if you can use onion and mushrooms and peppers in an omelette then why not in fried matzo. Well we tried it and it worked so now we enjoy that.

From this point on Bubbe goes into the recipe and you can read the recipe as it is available in our recipe section of the website. And as Bubbe finished breaking matzo into large pieces and breaking it into the mixture it can only mean one thing…

It’s now time for the Yiddish Word of the Day and today’s Yiddish word is FARBLONDZSHET which translates to lost. You can use a sentence like I got FARBLONDZSHET just like one can get lost getting ready for Passover.

Want to see your name in the front of a Feed Me Bubbe episode then make a donation today. Go to donation.feedmebubbe.com and make your donation today. The price is up to you! Thank you everyone for supporting Feed Me Bubbe and keeping us on the air.

Bubbe finishes up showing the cherry topping and adding the mushrooms to the finished product. Thank you for watching and get ready for part 2 of this very special Passover series. Be sure to stick around to listen to Larry and his message for Bubbe.

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Feed Me Bubbe Episode #27 Sweet and Sour Turkey Drumsticks

July 1st, 2009 · No Comments · Episode Notes

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Episode Summary :

Time for Purim! Come and celebrate with Avrom and Bubbe with a Purim feast fit for a king.

Show Notes:

Happy Holidays everyone! Purim is here and that can only mean one thing! Avrom in a King costume spinning a gragger very loudly. Yes Purim a happy and fun holiday for old and young alike. It is a very exciting holiday where everyone lets loose with costumes and parties. You name it. Bubbe explains the story of Purim and then let’s us know that we are making turkey since that is one of the traditions on Purim to have a feast. Avrom is called in to explain why turkey is traditional of course in full king costume.

Bubbe is ready to cook and she saw a special on Turkey drumsticks but to make it easy we are going to do it in the slow cooker. Bubbe mixes all of her sauces together as the beat accompanies her but if you want the full instructions then look for them in our recipe section. The one part in the video that you really have to take a look at is the part when Bubbe plays with the pin feathers. You just have to see it for yourself.

The Yiddish word today is inspired by Suze Orman who used the word when she was a guest on one of the television programs. She used the word FARMISHT and that means mixed up. Bubbe then remarks how Avrom surprised her by showing up in the King costume but in fact the same garment was worn by his mother and the story of how the costume came to be.

A special thank you to Bible Raps for providing the end music. If you want to hear the awesome music for yourself then check them out on itunes or go to http://www.bibleraps.com Thank you Bible Raps for the use of the music in this episode.

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Feed Me Bubbe Episode #26 Vegetarian Stew

July 1st, 2009 · 1 Comment · Episode Notes

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Episode Summary :

This episode goes out to all the vegetarians out there that want a delicious recipe for tofu.

Show Notes:

This episode starts out with Bubbe and Avrom in front of the computer answering instant messages. This email asks if Bubbe can make a Pareve recipe that does not include eggs. Bubbe says “Sure, help Yes I can!” That’s the spirit Bubbe. Let’s get this episode rolling shall we.

Bubbe explains all about making a meal without using meat after her daughter came home from school wanting a meal without meat and Bubbe made it and everyone tried it and everyone liked it. Today she wants to show you how she put it all together. Not only is it healthy but it will also save you money.

Bubbe likes using extra firm tofu but if you want more information about the recipe then go to the recipe page where you can find out how Bubbe makes this delicious and yet healthy dish.

Then later in the episode there is an Ask Bubbe which starts off with a Matzo Ball and a snake which confuses Bubbe. Tanya starts off by asking Bubbe what her preference is for matzo ball soup is. Bubbe likes floaters, treatment I mean who needs golf balls. The other comes from Stacy who somehow found Feed Me Bubbe trying to find Boa Constrictors and they happened to find our website.

Today’s yiddish word is a classic. Oy Gevald it means oh my goodness or dismay. It’s brought to you by Bubbe’s shock when she had to come up with the tofu recipe that she is making today for the episode.

We hope you enjoyed the episode and don’t turn off tofu your tastebuds needs to just appreciate the flavors. Don’t forget to stay for the credits as always it’s quite a surprise.

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Feed Me Bubbe Episode #25 Salmon

July 1st, 2009 · 1 Comment · Episode Notes

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Episode Summary :

Bubbe gets a suprise as Adam, medicine a fan, makes a request for salmon.

Show Notes:

What a milestone! Today is episode #25 and Bubbe is ready to cook for you her roast chicken. Of course Avrom disregards all the rules on the set and leaves his cell phone on. During the taping the phone rings and Bubbe demands to know who it is.

It’s Adam from Boston and he wants help to find a recipe for broiled Salmon. He is trying to cook it himself but he just is not doing a good job with it. In this moment that where Bubbe was ready to make chicken she is going to drop everything and go ahead and make the salmon! This episode is dedicated to Alyse S. coming all the way from Jerusalem in Israel. Hope you enjoy and thank you for dedicating this episode.

Bubbe explains how fish is a very healthy fish and it’s easy to prepare but a whole lot of people are afraid to do it. Fish can be baked, broiled and can be poached. Today Bubbe is going to make salmon and she is going to broil it but the broil and the bake is very similar. In addition Bubbe takes the time to explain why fish is called brain food.

Bubbe gets into the recipe with a whole piece of salmon. If you want to see the recipe for yourself make sure to check out the main page. There you will find the information required to do so.

Fast forward to the Yiddish word of the day. Today’s Yiddish word is… LEBEDIK a word which means lively and alive. Just like the musical introduction to our videos. Avrom then let’s Bubbe know that she was declared #14 of the top 20 trends of 2009 by trendhunter.com

If you want to continue to support us and need that extra little gift then get a Feed Me Bubbe t-shirt located at store.feedmebubbe.com

Bubbe finished serving her salmon and then spoke about her grandson ended up ordering salmon during a high-school trip which surprised everyone. We hope that you enjoyed the salmon and come back next time for some good food from Bubbe.

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Feed Me Bubbe Episode #24 Chopped Chicken Liver

June 23rd, 2009 · 2 Comments · Episode Notes

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Episode Summary :

Even though Avrom was feeling under the weather the show must go on as Bubbe makes Chopped Chicken Liver.

Show Notes:

It’s that time again for another episode and this time a shout out to Charles D. from Green Valley, viagra AZ for dedicating this episode. If you would like to dedicate an episode go to http://donate.feedmebubbe.com/

The day starts out on a very rainy drab and dreary day. Avrom is there and he is not looking in the best shape. He mentions that today is an interesting day. He woke up this morning, clinic it was raining and thundering, remedy a little bit of a headache, but Bubbe wanted Avrom to show up to work anyway because she had an interesting email from Chas.

Chas writes: “This is a request for you to do an episode featuring chopped chicken liver, my favorite Jewish recipe. I have never made it, but I am sure with your guidance, I would be able to. Fondly, Chas.”

Avrom then let’s out “Ok Bubbe you wanted to make chopped liver…. Make the chop liver.”

Bubbe gets the show rolling mentioning how well liked chicken chopped liver is. In fact she says it is a best loved appetizer. Especially chicken chopped livers, chicken livers chopped. There are 3 kinds of livers beef, calf, and finally chicken.

Chicken livers has more of a delicate taste. Years ago it was made with rendered chicken fat, which was delicious and you couldn’t get away from the flavor. Today everyone is watching over cholesterol and fat. So it is made a little differently it is made with oil sauteed with onions to give it the same flavor. I think you will like the recipe that Bubbe makes as she is ready to begin.

In order to make liver kosher you need to wash the liver, then it has to be broiled thoroughly on both sides. At this point all you have to do is follow the recipe on our recipe section of the website as Bubbe works on salting the liver.

Bubbe shows us how she puts the pan into the broiler to broil it on one side and the the other side. Of course that means it’s only the perfect time to pause for the Yiddish Word of the Day and today’s Yiddish word is based upon Avrom’s condition. Bubbe notices no smile and that Avrom is just not himself today. Avrom explains that he has a headache, to which Bubbe takes as a perfect opportunity to explain that Avom has a KOPVEYTIK also known as a headache. The word is made up of KOP which means head and VEYTIK which means hurt.

If you need a little extra gift then go to store.feedmebubbe.com where you can find all kinds of merchandise. The proceeds supports the show plus provides $1 towards MAZON to help with world hunger. Once we reach our goal of $100 we will issue our first check.

Bubbe finished broiling so she just needs to make sure that there is no pink on either side. By sautéing the onions and the oil it gives the same flavor as the chicken fat. Adding oil and the onions and making it light brown and soft and here comes the cover. You can watch all of this in the video to get the real flavor.

Once everything was ready Bubbe explained different combinations in which to use egg whites. So one can substitute for cholesterol reasons and use 3 hard boiled egg whites. All of the ingredients we have seen so far all go into the food processor for the perfect blend of flavors.

When you take it out make sure to taste it and add extra seasonings as Bubbe demonstrates in the video. Once it tastes good it is time to place it with a nice presentation using lettuce, olives an cucumbers to make a nice presentation. If you like you could always serve it with pumpernickel or rye bread with crackers on the side.

Thank you for joining us on this journey through the art of making chopped chicken liver. We will see you next time.

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Feed Me Bubbe Episode #23 Brisket

January 27th, 2009 · 3 Comments · Episode Notes

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Episode Summary :

Welcome in the new year with this tasty well requested entree.

Show Notes:

Avrom at his most energetic tells everyone all about the amount of requests that we get daily.  All of course summed up with one word.  Brisket! Brisket! Brisket!

Scott starts the party off by asking “Was wondering if Bubbe had a great recipe or would do a show on Brisket.  My Bubbe who is now in a nursing home is not able to give me the recipe cause she is not well.  Love the show and I am glad that you have brought this to the web.  Thanks again…”  Gina then writes “Love you guys…. do you think you could make a brisket one day?  I have tried, tuberculosis but I am a southern girl and don’t know what I am doing! … take care, shop ”  Finally we have Don who wrote three separate times “Bubbe make brisket!”

Bubbe needs to make brisket so let’s bring on the brisket!

Today Bubbe is going to show us how to make brisket which is a family favorite.  We have recieved so many emails, that finally, it’s time to make the brisket.  Along with brisket learning how to make other kind of meat like the budget brisket.

Brisket normally comes in one piece about 12 pounds.  There’s a single cut and that is most lean, there is a second cut, and a third cut.  The second and third cut are a little bit more fatter.  When the holidays come around you have to put in your order in ahead of time since it sells out so fast.

When it comes to a regular meal Bubbe uses what she calls budget brisket.  That is the same stringy meat that has to be cooked a long time, with the same recipe.  One is called top rib and the other is called deco brisket.  They run around 2 pounds or so or maybe close to 3 pounds.

Let’s begin!  Bubbe starts off with the single brisket where she shows off how lean it is.  Then it is time to mix up all of the ingredients.  If you want to follow along with the recipe make sure to check it out on the recipe page.

The honey is important since we want to wish everyone a sweet new year.  The chili makes it all sweet and tart.  After setting up the rest of the ingredients Bubbe puts on the aluminum foil and sets the oven and tells us that it needs to be in for at least three hours.

Bubbe places it into the oven and that can only mean one thing… ASK BUBBE!  Our first one comes from Judy.  Judy asks “Bubbe, my Bubbe used to make a great brisket.  It was sort of sweet and sour with some lemon juice, Ketchup, tomato soup, water, brown sugar.  She never gave me the recipe when she was living but through trial and error I think I have it now.  If you have a recipe for this could you make an episode of it I would love to see how you would do yours.   I sure do miss my Bubbe’s cooking I am now a Bubbe and can make it for my husband.”  While Avrom relates this to Bubbe very funny banter takes place.  You just have to watch it!

And now it is time for the YIDDISH WORD OF THE DAY!  And that word is appropriate for making brisket.  That word is balabusta meaning homemaker.  Not like the bust a mole game that Avrom thought it was at first.  Once again Bubbe’s definition of a balabusta is priceless, just have to check it out!

With that, welcome to our brand new home located at www.feedmebubbe.com which is the very website that you are looking at right now.  We hope that you enjoy the blood, sweat, and tears that was a part of putting the site you see before you together.

This is now your chance to check out the Feed Me Bubbe official t-shirts.  To make a show like this is very expensive and more is put into this then anyone could ever imagine.  Please help us by purchasing a Feed Me Bubbe t-shirt and for every 100 shirts sold $100 gets donated to mazon to help out hunger all over the world.

The brisket is out of the oven and the top rib is shown plated and ready for serving.  The onions and sauce all get poured into the strainer and oh the onions how they get poured in.

Now Bubbe shows off the deco brisket and the sauce that was put in the refrigerator and how to take off the fat of the liquid.

A final presentation of the brisket with sweet potatoes and the vegetables.  To serve with the meat you can have episode #14 tzimis, #15 kasha, #8, 9, and 10 chicken soup with matzo balls, of course for desert #7 sponge cake.  Try them and become an expert.  If you do this you will be the hostess with the mostess.

If you want to call Bubbe call 646-402-5231.  You have to listen for Chana from Israel at the end of the episode during the credits.  She spent 2 hours watching you just have to hear it from her!

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Song of Hope

December 17th, 2008 · No Comments · Uncategorized

I was sitting there looking through emails and came across one email that was really touching.  The email contained a video from the office of the Cheif Rabbi of the UK.  Here is a description.

“On 24th November 1984 one of the most famous music recordings in history, this site “Band Aid”, anemia took place at a studio in North London. On 30th April 2008, dentist this arrangment of Oseh Shalom was recorded in the very same studio.

Featuring the Chief Rabbi of the United Kingdom Sir Jonathan Sacks, this song if the finala to the Home of Hope double CD featuring music and words to celebrate Israel’s 60th Anniversary.
For more info and music visit:

http://www.homeofhope.co.uk or email info@homeofhope.co.uk

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The Yiddish Word of the Day!

October 4th, 2008 · 2 Comments · Uncategorized

We are pleased to announce that the Yiddish word of the day section is now complete along with a long time request to have Bubbe say the Yiddish words.  After working very hard on figuring how this would be accomplished we are thrilled to announce that this has be completed.

We hope that you will enjoy this brand new feature as we continue to enhance and grow our website.  More words will be showing up in the future.  Thank you once again with everyone that has contributed to this momentous goal!

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Feed Me Bubbe Episode #22 Turkey Egg Rolls

September 21st, 2008 · 1 Comment · Episode Notes

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Episode Summary :

After thanksgiving, prescription you have all those leftovers.  What to do?  Bubbe is here to the rescue for this leftover challenge!

Show Notes:

Fall is a time when the trees turn color.  A season of thanks and gathering.  What better way to celebrate the season then with a challenge for Bubbe!  

The office of me.dium writes… “I’ve got a little proposition for you Bubbe.  Me.dium is hosting a series of online events the week of November 26th called Me.Fest.  Since most of our U.S. users will be feasting upon the remains of their Thanksgiving dinner, the events for Me.Fest are a mix of everything from new videos, music reviews, online shopping, sport analysis, political discussion, and the general craziness leading up to the holidays.  We know Bubbe must have tons of great leftovers in that fridge, so it would be great to see what culinary recycling ideas you guys can come up with!”

Let’s see if Bubbe is up to the challenge!  Today on Feed Me Bubbe!  And the episode begins!  YAY!

Here’s Bubbe with her use of leftovers and then Avrom just has to get in the act.  On the back of the shirt it clearly says the words Geni!  Avrom being the director he is seeing all the hidden inside jokes in all the movies decides to try his hand but fails miserably.  Bubbe just has to call him out on it and wants to know what shirt is being worn.  The shirt says “Who’s your daddy?”  This shocks Bubbe!  She continues reading how it says my father, my mother, me?  What could this be all about?

Our fans over at Geni.com checked out our latest episode and we are giving them a shoutout for their wonderful website www.geni.com in which Bubbe figures out that geni must stand for genealogy!  It all starts with the family tree.  Make the family tree online free and simply, it’s facebook but it is within your own family and the best thing is that it is FREE!  A secure way of keeping the family all together.  Bubbe is concerned about the security of it all but it is private and secure.  A perfect time of year to do this since families get together for parties and festivals.  It is a chance to discuss and undertake a project like this.  The Geni team watches Feed Me Bubbe at lunch!  Awesome!  As Avrom finishes talking about geni.com Bubbe kicks Avrom out of the kitchen and back to the camera.

As Bubbe was saying, she still is in hysterics that I interrupted the flow of the show.  This just leading to her train of thought leaving the station and getting a bit lost.  As Bubbe was saying, she was given a challenge from me.dium and Bubbe doesn’t want the ordinary leftovers.  This is her recipe that she came up with for the challenge.  The answer to thanksgiving leftovers is of course turkey egg rolls.

Bubbe starts up with the leftover meat from the turkey.  This all is available in the recipe section of our website.  Look at all that diced turkey.  Tons of diced vegetables.  Watch Bubbe slice that celery but at least make sure your knife is sharper then Bubbe’s.

Time to then grate a carrot, and the key to grating a carrot is to be careful.  You know you need to watch your fingers.  The vegetable oil gets added to the pan as the vegetables sizzle and sauté for several minutes.  The turkey gets added into the mixture and gets to hang out with the rest of the dish.  The finished mixture gets added to the bowl and so does the garlic powder get added so that they are mixed.  Oh and here comes the egg and it all gets mixed binding all together.

Here comes the egg roll wrappers.  You can get them at any grocery store since it is so thin and easy and it is a time savior.  The great thing is that they don’t dry out, start out by adding 2 tbls. of the mixture and get ready to wrap it al up like origami.  It’s all about folding one way, then the other way, then the other way, then the other way.  Water acts as the sealer and the paste so that it won’t come apart.  And that gives you the perfect turkey egg roll.  Use whatever you have leftover for the dish.

Yiddish word of the day time and word is TSUZAMEN meaning together.  This is the time of year when families get together.  As Avrom tries his best to pronounce it and Bubbe gives Avrom the keys to pronunciation, be confident in trying it yourself.  The way Bubbe helps is by saying it all in syllables.  

After a quick mention from GoToMyPC.com/podcast time to get back to frying up the egg rolls.  Normally we don’t like to make fried foods but we don’t do this all the time.  Key here is seam side down.  That is going to make them nice and crispy and tasty.  And look at them as they get brown and nice and crispy as they all get turned around.  The egg rolls are ready and brown on both sides and now we drain them out.  And of course be careful since they are very hot.

Two different sauces of duck sauce or cranberry sauce and this even has a Bubbe touch to it of hot water being added into it to keep it a hot sauce when serving.  This can be served with all of the leftover vegetables with pareve italian dressing on it and along with pareve sherbert or italian ices.  It is a new recipe instead of the normal turkey pot pie.  Bubbe decides to use the cranberry sauce while the other plate duck sauce.  It is nice and hot!  Sometimes add the white rice if you want to add a little bit extra to it all.

Cranberry sauce can be placed in a blender to help out.  As Bubbe cuts one of the rolls open you can hear the crunchiness and see the chicken or in this case turkey.  Bubbe then shows off her apron that she uses for the fall festivals.  It’s a great picture of a scarecrow in the middle of the harvest.  A special thanks to me.dium for giving off this challenge.

As the closing credits roll on we are visited by Dean himself from me.dium calling to thank us for letting us be part of another episode!  It’s always fun for them.  There is a great Me.Fest week coming up and you have to check that out.  Listen to the end credits to hear the way Dean’s grandfather would make a greeting.

As always you can check out the closed captions over at projectreadon.com and special thanks to blubrry network where listeners and podcasters come together.

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