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Feed Me Bubbe Episode #21 Holiday Cookies

September 14th, 2008 · No Comments · Episode Notes

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Episode Summary :

A cookie episode that is easy and fun to make with your kids.

Show Notes:

Time for the holidays, order and that could only mean one thing… cookies!  That being said this episode is brought to you by Stanley C. of Los Angeles.

Oh look at all of the dreidels!  And oh the wonderful background music.  Today we are going to make cookies.  With all the festivals and holidays, pharmacist what better to have then the holiday cookies!  The children can take part in the cookies.  

The jewish holiday of Chanukah was the time when the Jewish army conquered an ancient army.  It’s not a religious event but more of a historical event.  There was a little bit of oil left, plague it was brought back to the temple, and it burned for eight days.  This is the reason why we celebrate Chanukah for eight days.

Now before we made episode #13 which was the potato latkes.  But the emphasis today is on the children’s video.  We hope that you will all join us in this.  And the children should watch so that they will be able to do it also.  Now we begin…

Oh but wait here is Avrom letting everyone know that they have visitors today on the show!  Chow.com is joining us today for this very special episode.  Time now for the cookie recipe.  Bubbe wants to make sure that you know about making the dough ahead of time for the children.

Bubbe shows off her mother’s recipe with all of the pages torn showing you how they were used.  We have 3 cups of flour available, and baking powder, and all the other ingredients to make the dough that you can find in the recipe section of this website.

Bubbe sifts the main ingredients together and shows us how she makes this all pareve.  Pareve, so that it can be eaten with all types of different meals.  The mixer is back for another appearance.  It just spins, and spins, and spins.  Spins just like a…. dreidel!  You knew we were going to go there.

As the mixture get pebbly Bubbe stops it and then is going to do the rest by hand.  The last bit of flour is mixed in as the dough is all put together to make a wonderful mixture. Cut into 3 different parts everything is all wrapped together.  Remember this is all for making ahead of time so that you have it ready for the children.

Bubbe rolls it all with the rolling pan explaining a little tidbit that the thickness doesn’t matter much unless it is too thick.  If it is too thick then the dough just won’t bake.

Now it’s time for the Yiddish Word of the Day!  Bubbe interrupts and she decides to do Ask Bubbe.  Unexpectedly Avrom agrees and decides to go with Bubbe for an Ask Bubbe segment.  Bubbe had no idea how many young viewers are out there of the Feed Me Bubbe show.  This makes Bubbe very proud and she wants to read the first three that she received.

Bubbe wants to give the recognition to the children since they deserve it and we hope that they take part in the festival and the Chanukah baking.  Bubbe wants to make sure they take a look at the sweet and sour meatballs which is episode #3.  Bubbe wants to make sure that they help out roll the meatballs and be a young host or hostess and do the serving.  That makes the desert the cookies.

The first one comes from Alex and his Busia.  It reads, “My name is Alex… and my Busia… (Polish for Grandmother) and I LOVE Your show!!!  I am 8 years old and would like you to do a meal I could make with her.  Something easy please….Busia helped with spelling.  Take care of yourself, Bubbe.  say hello to your grandson from this grandson.  Your friend Alex….”  This email was kept hidden from Avrom, what a lovely surprise. 

Oh but wait there is more where that came from.  The next one is from Timmy and Becky!  They are waiting patiently for this episode.  Well there you go, it’s been made!  See what happens when you make a request!  

We have a wonderful message from Rafi who shared a picture of Alice and Wendy.  If you want to be a part of the fun be sure to email us or leave a voicemail message.

And now perhaps, I believe, yes, we have confirmation that it is time for THE YIDDISH WORD OF THE DAY!  Well Bubbe interrupted the Yiddish Word of the Day so Avrom does a little bit of the same right back.  Avrom brings in some flowers which Bubbe has to mention that the real gift is supposed to be Chanukah Gelt for the children while the adults have a good meal with the potato latkes.  

Bubbe asks Avrom what the Yiddish word of the day is.  Avrom stands there not really knowing what to say, so Bubbe takes it upon herself to give a special Yiddish word that is special for Alex.  The Yiddish Word for friend is Fraynt.  

Bubbe shows a picture of her mother with her children,  and then Bubbe brought out the picture of Avrom making muffins.  Avrom can’t believe that she still even has that on her in the first place.  Bubbe then brings out the official Feed Me Bubbe t-shirt!  And there is no picture on the children version of the shirts.  Avrom then relates how $1 for ever t-shirt sold is going to help out the organization called mazon!  Mazon helps out with hunger all over the world.

 Bubbe really loves the color of it, a wonderful blue.  We did our best to make these shirts at the lowest price point as possible.  We got to thank everyone from the Video On the Net conference.  We had fun going to the Roxy and we were on a panel.  Bubbe felt very comfortable and a whole lot of questions were asked of us.  

Bubbe shows us all of the cookie sheets and Bubbe shows all the different types of improvising.  Also we get to see the aluminum foil trick.  Don’t forget that you can bake your cookies right on top of the pan.  Don’t go and spend more money, it is all about the improvise, it just allows you to do something different.

Cookie cutter time.  Bubbe uses her cookie cutters and improvised items to make dreidel’s and Chanukah gelt shapes.  As Bubbe gets into making the various shapes she lets us all know about the way it goes into the oven.  She also shows us the egg white, and even Bubbe makes mistakes, so you should not worry about making mistakes.  Just keep going and it will taste great.

Time for the jimmies, and the decorating.  So many ways to decorate and even with chocolate jimmies.  You could even use sugar and cinnamon.  But did you know there is even colored sugar.  This is the part the children enjoys.  The decorated cookies are on the sheet but Bubbe is letting one of the ones go in the oven plain.  Why could this be?  Well you will find out how we are going to decorate it all special.  This will be more fun then even just putting the sugars on.  

Fast forward to the fun part for the children.  With the help of icing we are going to do extreme decorating.  We put some blue all the way around, a little dot for color, and then the yellow in the middle with a little design.  Children please send your pictures of the way that you decorate it.  Bubbe would love to see them. 

A special thanks for Bill Averbach for the use of his music as performed by the Austin Klezmorim.  Visit his website today, www.bamusic.net the latke recipe song was a beautiful song that all of us enjoyed.  Thank you again.

Oh and of course we have a wonderful message from susan from Michigan, and she absolutely loves the website and the cooking.  You just have to listen to this amazing message as it plays during the credits.

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