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Feed Me Bubbe Episode #22 Turkey Egg Rolls

September 21st, 2008 · 1 Comment · Episode Notes

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Episode Summary :

After thanksgiving, prescription you have all those leftovers.  What to do?  Bubbe is here to the rescue for this leftover challenge!

Show Notes:

Fall is a time when the trees turn color.  A season of thanks and gathering.  What better way to celebrate the season then with a challenge for Bubbe!  

The office of me.dium writes… “I’ve got a little proposition for you Bubbe.  Me.dium is hosting a series of online events the week of November 26th called Me.Fest.  Since most of our U.S. users will be feasting upon the remains of their Thanksgiving dinner, the events for Me.Fest are a mix of everything from new videos, music reviews, online shopping, sport analysis, political discussion, and the general craziness leading up to the holidays.  We know Bubbe must have tons of great leftovers in that fridge, so it would be great to see what culinary recycling ideas you guys can come up with!”

Let’s see if Bubbe is up to the challenge!  Today on Feed Me Bubbe!  And the episode begins!  YAY!

Here’s Bubbe with her use of leftovers and then Avrom just has to get in the act.  On the back of the shirt it clearly says the words Geni!  Avrom being the director he is seeing all the hidden inside jokes in all the movies decides to try his hand but fails miserably.  Bubbe just has to call him out on it and wants to know what shirt is being worn.  The shirt says “Who’s your daddy?”  This shocks Bubbe!  She continues reading how it says my father, my mother, me?  What could this be all about?

Our fans over at Geni.com checked out our latest episode and we are giving them a shoutout for their wonderful website www.geni.com in which Bubbe figures out that geni must stand for genealogy!  It all starts with the family tree.  Make the family tree online free and simply, it’s facebook but it is within your own family and the best thing is that it is FREE!  A secure way of keeping the family all together.  Bubbe is concerned about the security of it all but it is private and secure.  A perfect time of year to do this since families get together for parties and festivals.  It is a chance to discuss and undertake a project like this.  The Geni team watches Feed Me Bubbe at lunch!  Awesome!  As Avrom finishes talking about geni.com Bubbe kicks Avrom out of the kitchen and back to the camera.

As Bubbe was saying, she still is in hysterics that I interrupted the flow of the show.  This just leading to her train of thought leaving the station and getting a bit lost.  As Bubbe was saying, she was given a challenge from me.dium and Bubbe doesn’t want the ordinary leftovers.  This is her recipe that she came up with for the challenge.  The answer to thanksgiving leftovers is of course turkey egg rolls.

Bubbe starts up with the leftover meat from the turkey.  This all is available in the recipe section of our website.  Look at all that diced turkey.  Tons of diced vegetables.  Watch Bubbe slice that celery but at least make sure your knife is sharper then Bubbe’s.

Time to then grate a carrot, and the key to grating a carrot is to be careful.  You know you need to watch your fingers.  The vegetable oil gets added to the pan as the vegetables sizzle and sauté for several minutes.  The turkey gets added into the mixture and gets to hang out with the rest of the dish.  The finished mixture gets added to the bowl and so does the garlic powder get added so that they are mixed.  Oh and here comes the egg and it all gets mixed binding all together.

Here comes the egg roll wrappers.  You can get them at any grocery store since it is so thin and easy and it is a time savior.  The great thing is that they don’t dry out, start out by adding 2 tbls. of the mixture and get ready to wrap it al up like origami.  It’s all about folding one way, then the other way, then the other way, then the other way.  Water acts as the sealer and the paste so that it won’t come apart.  And that gives you the perfect turkey egg roll.  Use whatever you have leftover for the dish.

Yiddish word of the day time and word is TSUZAMEN meaning together.  This is the time of year when families get together.  As Avrom tries his best to pronounce it and Bubbe gives Avrom the keys to pronunciation, be confident in trying it yourself.  The way Bubbe helps is by saying it all in syllables.  

After a quick mention from GoToMyPC.com/podcast time to get back to frying up the egg rolls.  Normally we don’t like to make fried foods but we don’t do this all the time.  Key here is seam side down.  That is going to make them nice and crispy and tasty.  And look at them as they get brown and nice and crispy as they all get turned around.  The egg rolls are ready and brown on both sides and now we drain them out.  And of course be careful since they are very hot.

Two different sauces of duck sauce or cranberry sauce and this even has a Bubbe touch to it of hot water being added into it to keep it a hot sauce when serving.  This can be served with all of the leftover vegetables with pareve italian dressing on it and along with pareve sherbert or italian ices.  It is a new recipe instead of the normal turkey pot pie.  Bubbe decides to use the cranberry sauce while the other plate duck sauce.  It is nice and hot!  Sometimes add the white rice if you want to add a little bit extra to it all.

Cranberry sauce can be placed in a blender to help out.  As Bubbe cuts one of the rolls open you can hear the crunchiness and see the chicken or in this case turkey.  Bubbe then shows off her apron that she uses for the fall festivals.  It’s a great picture of a scarecrow in the middle of the harvest.  A special thanks to me.dium for giving off this challenge.

As the closing credits roll on we are visited by Dean himself from me.dium calling to thank us for letting us be part of another episode!  It’s always fun for them.  There is a great Me.Fest week coming up and you have to check that out.  Listen to the end credits to hear the way Dean’s grandfather would make a greeting.

As always you can check out the closed captions over at projectreadon.com and special thanks to blubrry network where listeners and podcasters come together.

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  • 1 Big Andy // Sep 14, 2009 at 1:20 pm

    Well it all sounds like ya had fun, however ya didn’t much of a job explaining how much and of WHAT you put in the darn things, I couldn’t make out much by this post except ya fried up some left over turkey in an egg roll is this Jewish style /? Big Andy Red Oak ,Tx.

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