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Feed Me Bubbe Episode #23 Brisket

January 27th, 2009 · 3 Comments · Episode Notes

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Episode Summary :

Welcome in the new year with this tasty well requested entree.

Show Notes:

Avrom at his most energetic tells everyone all about the amount of requests that we get daily.  All of course summed up with one word.  Brisket! Brisket! Brisket!

Scott starts the party off by asking “Was wondering if Bubbe had a great recipe or would do a show on Brisket.  My Bubbe who is now in a nursing home is not able to give me the recipe cause she is not well.  Love the show and I am glad that you have brought this to the web.  Thanks again…”  Gina then writes “Love you guys…. do you think you could make a brisket one day?  I have tried, tuberculosis but I am a southern girl and don’t know what I am doing! … take care, shop ”  Finally we have Don who wrote three separate times “Bubbe make brisket!”

Bubbe needs to make brisket so let’s bring on the brisket!

Today Bubbe is going to show us how to make brisket which is a family favorite.  We have recieved so many emails, that finally, it’s time to make the brisket.  Along with brisket learning how to make other kind of meat like the budget brisket.

Brisket normally comes in one piece about 12 pounds.  There’s a single cut and that is most lean, there is a second cut, and a third cut.  The second and third cut are a little bit more fatter.  When the holidays come around you have to put in your order in ahead of time since it sells out so fast.

When it comes to a regular meal Bubbe uses what she calls budget brisket.  That is the same stringy meat that has to be cooked a long time, with the same recipe.  One is called top rib and the other is called deco brisket.  They run around 2 pounds or so or maybe close to 3 pounds.

Let’s begin!  Bubbe starts off with the single brisket where she shows off how lean it is.  Then it is time to mix up all of the ingredients.  If you want to follow along with the recipe make sure to check it out on the recipe page.

The honey is important since we want to wish everyone a sweet new year.  The chili makes it all sweet and tart.  After setting up the rest of the ingredients Bubbe puts on the aluminum foil and sets the oven and tells us that it needs to be in for at least three hours.

Bubbe places it into the oven and that can only mean one thing… ASK BUBBE!  Our first one comes from Judy.  Judy asks “Bubbe, my Bubbe used to make a great brisket.  It was sort of sweet and sour with some lemon juice, Ketchup, tomato soup, water, brown sugar.  She never gave me the recipe when she was living but through trial and error I think I have it now.  If you have a recipe for this could you make an episode of it I would love to see how you would do yours.   I sure do miss my Bubbe’s cooking I am now a Bubbe and can make it for my husband.”  While Avrom relates this to Bubbe very funny banter takes place.  You just have to watch it!

And now it is time for the YIDDISH WORD OF THE DAY!  And that word is appropriate for making brisket.  That word is balabusta meaning homemaker.  Not like the bust a mole game that Avrom thought it was at first.  Once again Bubbe’s definition of a balabusta is priceless, just have to check it out!

With that, welcome to our brand new home located at www.feedmebubbe.com which is the very website that you are looking at right now.  We hope that you enjoy the blood, sweat, and tears that was a part of putting the site you see before you together.

This is now your chance to check out the Feed Me Bubbe official t-shirts.  To make a show like this is very expensive and more is put into this then anyone could ever imagine.  Please help us by purchasing a Feed Me Bubbe t-shirt and for every 100 shirts sold $100 gets donated to mazon to help out hunger all over the world.

The brisket is out of the oven and the top rib is shown plated and ready for serving.  The onions and sauce all get poured into the strainer and oh the onions how they get poured in.

Now Bubbe shows off the deco brisket and the sauce that was put in the refrigerator and how to take off the fat of the liquid.

A final presentation of the brisket with sweet potatoes and the vegetables.  To serve with the meat you can have episode #14 tzimis, #15 kasha, #8, 9, and 10 chicken soup with matzo balls, of course for desert #7 sponge cake.  Try them and become an expert.  If you do this you will be the hostess with the mostess.

If you want to call Bubbe call 646-402-5231.  You have to listen for Chana from Israel at the end of the episode during the credits.  She spent 2 hours watching you just have to hear it from her!

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