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Feed Me Bubbe Episode #19 Chicken Schnitzel

October 25th, 2007 · 3 Comments · Episode Notes

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Episode Summary :

Schnitzel, human enhancement a hearty chicken meal that comes from the heart.

Show Notes:

The show opens up with a dedication in the memory of Jon Honig by Evelyn, page Jeff, health Wendy and Richard.

The rap like music begins, and our hip Bubbe gets into her spiel. Today it is all about chicken. But not just any chicken, this is schnitzel. It is a great way to give yourself a treat with not as much fat. And when the grandchildren eat it, what more can you ask.

Bubbe then shows off something that she is very proud of. It is a sample that says “Life’s greatest treasures come from the heart…” or as Bubbe likes to call it “Feelings come from the heart.”

Time to get to work. Find the recipe on feedmebubbe.com. So first the bread crumbs is really important. Grate it yourself but make sure to use the correct side of the grater. If you use the wrong side… well it could hurt. Just make sure to watch your fingers.

Then comes the egg, and the water, and the mixing. Speaking of mixing, in the flour is all kinds of spices. It is all about taking the spoon and mixing it all together.

Time to get rid of the fat. Just cut it out the best that you can and put into a plastic bag. And now it is hammer time. So bang that mallet or pot tops and start breaking the meat and expand it the best you can.

When it is time to coat and fry them make sure to wash your hands first.

Time to ask Bubbe… this time the question comes to us from YouTube. Svillethomas asks “Should I feel out of place watching these videos if I’m not Jewish?” What a good question and Bubbe has the perfect answer… “Absolutely not, enjoy….” She makes Irish food, Italian, etc. Bubbe makes it kosher but you can get all the food supplies in the market. This will help you develop new taste buds.

Today’s Yiddish word is very important for all over the world. TSDOKE now those that know of the word in hebrew it is TZEDAKAH but in Yiddish TSDOKE. Anyway Bubbe tells a touching story about the way people used to drop in coins. In this time when awful things are happening in California with the fires please remember to give TSDOKE to those that need. The key is not giving a fish but teaching how to fish.

All kinds of craziness taking place where we are getting emails from China and even India. ABC World News covered the story along with hearing that even Fox and Friends mentioned it on the air. Be sure to call the phone number and hear your voice on the air. 646 – 248 – 6978 or look on feedmebubbe.com for the toll free version.

Make sure to check out me.dium.com if you want to check out the show before anybody else and any other cool events that will be taking place in the future.

If you need to be able to access your PC from anywhere try GoToMyPC free today. As Bubbe said if it’s good for Bubbe and Avrom… then it’s going to even be better for you. gotomypc.com/podcast for 30 days

Back to the chicken in the pot. But the oil in the frying pan and let the oil flow. Now it is time to give the chicken a bath in the flour, egg wash, and bread crumbs.

Place on the aluminum foil pan and get it ready for the oven and even use the freezer if you need it. And then Bubbe turns the chicken over and places it into a plate with luchen (noodles), string beans, and carrots.

This podcast is sponsored by Guertin’s Graphics and Awards for all your graphics and awards needs go to www.guertingraphics.com or call 508-754-0200. Guertin’s Graphics and Awards is a family owned business for over 40 years. The quality of their product is amazing so the next time you have a graphics and awards need you know Guertin’s Graphics and Awards will be there to help you out.

Now you think the episode is over… but it ain’t over. Judy in Studio City leaves us with a great tip for the mandle bread. She couldn’t find the old ice trays. Well here is a great solution, take the dough and put it into the refrigerator a little while maybe an hour or too, it hardens up and it makes it easier to make the loaves put together.

And as for Jdate… maybe Bubbe should be doing shows on JDate, but it is all in good times. Anyway be sure to look out for t-shirts on its way with for every 100 shirts sold $100 will be donated to MAZON! Stay tuned…

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    Episode #20?

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    You write very well.

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