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Feed Me Bubbe Episode #26 Vegetarian Stew

July 1st, 2009 · 1 Comment · Episode Notes

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Episode Summary :

This episode goes out to all the vegetarians out there that want a delicious recipe for tofu.

Show Notes:

This episode starts out with Bubbe and Avrom in front of the computer answering instant messages. This email asks if Bubbe can make a Pareve recipe that does not include eggs. Bubbe says “Sure, help Yes I can!” That’s the spirit Bubbe. Let’s get this episode rolling shall we.

Bubbe explains all about making a meal without using meat after her daughter came home from school wanting a meal without meat and Bubbe made it and everyone tried it and everyone liked it. Today she wants to show you how she put it all together. Not only is it healthy but it will also save you money.

Bubbe likes using extra firm tofu but if you want more information about the recipe then go to the recipe page where you can find out how Bubbe makes this delicious and yet healthy dish.

Then later in the episode there is an Ask Bubbe which starts off with a Matzo Ball and a snake which confuses Bubbe. Tanya starts off by asking Bubbe what her preference is for matzo ball soup is. Bubbe likes floaters, treatment I mean who needs golf balls. The other comes from Stacy who somehow found Feed Me Bubbe trying to find Boa Constrictors and they happened to find our website.

Today’s yiddish word is a classic. Oy Gevald it means oh my goodness or dismay. It’s brought to you by Bubbe’s shock when she had to come up with the tofu recipe that she is making today for the episode.

We hope you enjoyed the episode and don’t turn off tofu your tastebuds needs to just appreciate the flavors. Don’t forget to stay for the credits as always it’s quite a surprise.

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  • 1 Ellen // Dec 4, 2009 at 8:24 pm

    I found out about your show from dailygood.org and once I actually went to your website I was hooked. When I looked at the videos I was pleased to see a vegetarian [actually vegan :)] recipe as my boyfriend is vegetarian and I am vegan.

    I was especially happy to hear Bubbe encouraging people to give tofu a chance and to include it [and beans] in their weekly diets. I think vegetarianism is super important for people’s health and the earth but my stance is to encourage people just to reduce their meat consumption and not worry about being strict vegetarians. It was cool to hear Bubbe essentially suggesting the same thing.

    Thanks for being positive role models for intergenerational compassion and friendship. It’s clear that the two of you have a great relationship 🙂 Also, Bubbe, it’s wonderful that you are so open to life and embracing what is, while at the same time bringing along the best of the past – family ties, good wholesome food, and community … Your vim and vigor is evident whenever you speak. Keep up the great work you two!!! Cheers.

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