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Feed Me Bubbe Episode #28 Passover Breakfast

July 2nd, 2009 · No Comments · Episode Notes

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Episode Summary :

Nothing is sweeter then a Passover Breakfast of fried matzo made by Bubbe.

Show Notes:

Let’s start by saying that this film was not filmed on Passover and was filmed due to educational purposes. The episode on the other hand is dedicated to Gwendolyn H. from Naperville, price IL. In this episode Bubbe starts talking about the way to tell that it is spring is when you go down to the grocery store and you see all of the Passover food that is displayed there. And you say “snow is gone, about it and spring is here!”

This episode is going to focus on breakfast. Now we always use cherry preserves but one year we wanted something different and Bubbe figured that if you can use onion and mushrooms and peppers in an omelette then why not in fried matzo. Well we tried it and it worked so now we enjoy that.

From this point on Bubbe goes into the recipe and you can read the recipe as it is available in our recipe section of the website. And as Bubbe finished breaking matzo into large pieces and breaking it into the mixture it can only mean one thing…

It’s now time for the Yiddish Word of the Day and today’s Yiddish word is FARBLONDZSHET which translates to lost. You can use a sentence like I got FARBLONDZSHET just like one can get lost getting ready for Passover.

Want to see your name in the front of a Feed Me Bubbe episode then make a donation today. Go to donation.feedmebubbe.com and make your donation today. The price is up to you! Thank you everyone for supporting Feed Me Bubbe and keeping us on the air.

Bubbe finishes up showing the cherry topping and adding the mushrooms to the finished product. Thank you for watching and get ready for part 2 of this very special Passover series. Be sure to stick around to listen to Larry and his message for Bubbe.

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