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October 20th, 2009 · 1 Comment · Blubrry

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Episode Summary :

A succos treat that just can’t be beat!

Show Notes:

Thomas of New Berlin, viagra 40mg WI, this episode is for you!

Thank you for your support of our program and we hope that you enjoy this wonderful stuffed cabbage episode!

Avrom brings everyone up to date on the latest emails that are requesting for stuffed cabbage.  Ellen wants sweet and sour stuffed cabbage since her own Bubbe passed away many years ago.

And here comes the opening music!  I love this part….

Bubbe is now ready to make the stuffed cabbage which is a favorite for everyone.  It is harvest time since it is succos.  Bubbe explains how cabbage is a vegetable from the earth and the combination of why stuffed cabbage is perfect for succos.

It has many names like… stuffed cabbage.  Let’s not forget cabbage rolls, and the polish they call it… gowumpki.  In Yiddish, because you didn’t think we would leave that out, it is holishkes.  Like Ellen, Bubbe loves the sweet and sour sauce.

Bubbe got herself a semi-large head of cabbage, not wanting anything smaller then 3 – 3 1/2 pounds.  The worst part of the process is preparing the cabbage and this is what Bubbe is working on now.

Step 1: Cut off the core and take those leaves off.

Step 2: Put it in the pot, got to let it steam.

Step 3: Read the real recipe in the recipe section where Bubbe makes it really easy to understand the process in full details.

Bubbe, always being prepared, had a smaller head already prepared and ready to go.  You go Bubbe!

With the close of the pot cover, it is now time for THE YIDDISH WORD OF THE DAY!!!!  And today Bubbe goes old school with the word HEYMISH which means traditional, homey, and friendly.  It just gives you a heymish feeling.  A good familiar family feeling.  When you come to Bubbe’s home you get a heymish feeling.

Oh and an exciting announcement!  Project ReadOn!  We have the entire catalog now being transferred into closed captions.  If you need that little extra gift, get a Feed Me Bubbe t-shirt.  Only at feedmebubbe.com

The cabbage is out of the pot and on the plate ready for Bubbe to show you the next step.  Bubbe throws down advice letting you know that you can do this all the day before or even two days before.  It’s amazing how well the leaves peel off with no effort whatsoever.

And of course with any meal there are extras and Bubbe tells you exactly what to do with the extra cabbage.  But with that it is now time for the main event, the filling of the cabbage.

All of the ingredients from the eggs, to the hamburg, and even to the onions!  So many great ingredients being combined to make a meaty stuffed cabbage filling.

Bubbe does a little mixing with her hands and gets ready to take the filling she just made and to fill the cabbage leaves.  The rolling technique is amazing, just like a blintz.  If one is not enough Bubbe shows you again.  It is poetry in motion.

Since you get the idea, now it is time to do the rest.  Oh and here comes the part where Bubbe shows what you can do with the extra cabbage that she was talking about before.  The key is not to waste the food since you can always make use of it.  Others may use cabbage in the oven but Bubbe prefers using the stove itself.  

But what if there is a torn leaf, as Bubbe expertly holds up to the camera?  Not a problem just add the torn one to another leaf and add the filling like normal.  Nobody will know the difference since it gets rolled up anyway!

As we watch Bubbe stir the tomato paste with two cans of water among other ingredients the lovely sauce for the stuffed cabbage really shines.  Give a good stir and it gets poured all over the cabbage rolls.  And that is all, that is it!  Just bring to a boil and put the cover on!

Two cabbage rolls are taken out and they look delicious and amazing.  And look at the side dishes.  It is quite amazing what one can do with the leftovers.  

Bubbe then thanks everyone that wrote letters… ummm we mean emails!  Wait who writes letters any more in this day in age of technology?  Nobody does, it’s all about the instant communications with the emails!  (and we love every one of them!)

And at this point the credit rolls, we can’t forget Guertin’s graphics and awards that did a wonderful job providing beautiful t-shirts.  If you have graphics and awards needs be sure to give them a ring.

Special thanks to Project ReadOn for their closed captions and to Blubrry for their overwhelming support!  And with that we end another ever exciting episode as the banjo plays us out!


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