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Feed Me Bubbe Episode #21 Holiday Cookies

September 14th, 2008 · No Comments · Episode Notes

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Episode Summary :

A cookie episode that is easy and fun to make with your kids.

Show Notes:

Time for the holidays, order and that could only mean one thing… cookies!  That being said this episode is brought to you by Stanley C. of Los Angeles.

Oh look at all of the dreidels!  And oh the wonderful background music.  Today we are going to make cookies.  With all the festivals and holidays, pharmacist what better to have then the holiday cookies!  The children can take part in the cookies.  

The jewish holiday of Chanukah was the time when the Jewish army conquered an ancient army.  It’s not a religious event but more of a historical event.  There was a little bit of oil left, plague it was brought back to the temple, and it burned for eight days.  This is the reason why we celebrate Chanukah for eight days.

Now before we made episode #13 which was the potato latkes.  But the emphasis today is on the children’s video.  We hope that you will all join us in this.  And the children should watch so that they will be able to do it also.  Now we begin…

Oh but wait here is Avrom letting everyone know that they have visitors today on the show!  Chow.com is joining us today for this very special episode.  Time now for the cookie recipe.  Bubbe wants to make sure that you know about making the dough ahead of time for the children.

Bubbe shows off her mother’s recipe with all of the pages torn showing you how they were used.  We have 3 cups of flour available, and baking powder, and all the other ingredients to make the dough that you can find in the recipe section of this website.

Bubbe sifts the main ingredients together and shows us how she makes this all pareve.  Pareve, so that it can be eaten with all types of different meals.  The mixer is back for another appearance.  It just spins, and spins, and spins.  Spins just like a…. dreidel!  You knew we were going to go there.

As the mixture get pebbly Bubbe stops it and then is going to do the rest by hand.  The last bit of flour is mixed in as the dough is all put together to make a wonderful mixture. Cut into 3 different parts everything is all wrapped together.  Remember this is all for making ahead of time so that you have it ready for the children.

Bubbe rolls it all with the rolling pan explaining a little tidbit that the thickness doesn’t matter much unless it is too thick.  If it is too thick then the dough just won’t bake.

Now it’s time for the Yiddish Word of the Day!  Bubbe interrupts and she decides to do Ask Bubbe.  Unexpectedly Avrom agrees and decides to go with Bubbe for an Ask Bubbe segment.  Bubbe had no idea how many young viewers are out there of the Feed Me Bubbe show.  This makes Bubbe very proud and she wants to read the first three that she received.

Bubbe wants to give the recognition to the children since they deserve it and we hope that they take part in the festival and the Chanukah baking.  Bubbe wants to make sure they take a look at the sweet and sour meatballs which is episode #3.  Bubbe wants to make sure that they help out roll the meatballs and be a young host or hostess and do the serving.  That makes the desert the cookies.

The first one comes from Alex and his Busia.  It reads, “My name is Alex… and my Busia… (Polish for Grandmother) and I LOVE Your show!!!  I am 8 years old and would like you to do a meal I could make with her.  Something easy please….Busia helped with spelling.  Take care of yourself, Bubbe.  say hello to your grandson from this grandson.  Your friend Alex….”  This email was kept hidden from Avrom, what a lovely surprise. 

Oh but wait there is more where that came from.  The next one is from Timmy and Becky!  They are waiting patiently for this episode.  Well there you go, it’s been made!  See what happens when you make a request!  

We have a wonderful message from Rafi who shared a picture of Alice and Wendy.  If you want to be a part of the fun be sure to email us or leave a voicemail message.

And now perhaps, I believe, yes, we have confirmation that it is time for THE YIDDISH WORD OF THE DAY!  Well Bubbe interrupted the Yiddish Word of the Day so Avrom does a little bit of the same right back.  Avrom brings in some flowers which Bubbe has to mention that the real gift is supposed to be Chanukah Gelt for the children while the adults have a good meal with the potato latkes.  

Bubbe asks Avrom what the Yiddish word of the day is.  Avrom stands there not really knowing what to say, so Bubbe takes it upon herself to give a special Yiddish word that is special for Alex.  The Yiddish Word for friend is Fraynt.  

Bubbe shows a picture of her mother with her children,  and then Bubbe brought out the picture of Avrom making muffins.  Avrom can’t believe that she still even has that on her in the first place.  Bubbe then brings out the official Feed Me Bubbe t-shirt!  And there is no picture on the children version of the shirts.  Avrom then relates how $1 for ever t-shirt sold is going to help out the organization called mazon!  Mazon helps out with hunger all over the world.

 Bubbe really loves the color of it, a wonderful blue.  We did our best to make these shirts at the lowest price point as possible.  We got to thank everyone from the Video On the Net conference.  We had fun going to the Roxy and we were on a panel.  Bubbe felt very comfortable and a whole lot of questions were asked of us.  

Bubbe shows us all of the cookie sheets and Bubbe shows all the different types of improvising.  Also we get to see the aluminum foil trick.  Don’t forget that you can bake your cookies right on top of the pan.  Don’t go and spend more money, it is all about the improvise, it just allows you to do something different.

Cookie cutter time.  Bubbe uses her cookie cutters and improvised items to make dreidel’s and Chanukah gelt shapes.  As Bubbe gets into making the various shapes she lets us all know about the way it goes into the oven.  She also shows us the egg white, and even Bubbe makes mistakes, so you should not worry about making mistakes.  Just keep going and it will taste great.

Time for the jimmies, and the decorating.  So many ways to decorate and even with chocolate jimmies.  You could even use sugar and cinnamon.  But did you know there is even colored sugar.  This is the part the children enjoys.  The decorated cookies are on the sheet but Bubbe is letting one of the ones go in the oven plain.  Why could this be?  Well you will find out how we are going to decorate it all special.  This will be more fun then even just putting the sugars on.  

Fast forward to the fun part for the children.  With the help of icing we are going to do extreme decorating.  We put some blue all the way around, a little dot for color, and then the yellow in the middle with a little design.  Children please send your pictures of the way that you decorate it.  Bubbe would love to see them. 

A special thanks for Bill Averbach for the use of his music as performed by the Austin Klezmorim.  Visit his website today, www.bamusic.net the latke recipe song was a beautiful song that all of us enjoyed.  Thank you again.

Oh and of course we have a wonderful message from susan from Michigan, and she absolutely loves the website and the cooking.  You just have to listen to this amazing message as it plays during the credits.

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Feed Me Bubbe Episode #20 Stuffed Cabbage

September 12th, 2008 · 2 Comments · Episode Notes

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Episode Summary :

A succos treat that just can’t be beat!

Show Notes:

Thomas of New Berlin, price WI, this episode is for you!

Thank you for your support of our program and we hope that you enjoy this wonderful stuffed cabbage episode!

Avrom brings everyone up to date on the latest emails that are requesting for stuffed cabbage.  Ellen wants sweet and sour stuffed cabbage since her own Bubbe passed away many years ago.

And here comes the opening music!  I love this part….

Bubbe is now ready to make the stuffed cabbage which is a favorite for everyone.  It is harvest time since it is succos.  Bubbe explains how cabbage is a vegetable from the earth and the combination of why stuffed cabbage is perfect for succos.

It has many names like… stuffed cabbage.  Let’s not forget cabbage rolls, and the polish they call it… gowumpki.  In Yiddish, because you didn’t think we would leave that out, it is holishkes.  Like Ellen, Bubbe loves the sweet and sour sauce.

Bubbe got herself a semi-large head of cabbage, not wanting anything smaller then 3 – 3 1/2 pounds.  The worst part of the process is preparing the cabbage and this is what Bubbe is working on now.

Step 1: Cut off the core and take those leaves off.

Step 2: Put it in the pot, got to let it steam.

Step 3: Read the real recipe in the recipe section where Bubbe makes it really easy to understand the process in full details.

Bubbe, always being prepared, had a smaller head already prepared and ready to go.  You go Bubbe!

With the close of the pot cover, it is now time for THE YIDDISH WORD OF THE DAY!!!!  And today Bubbe goes old school with the word HEYMISH which means traditional, homey, and friendly.  It just gives you a heymish feeling.  A good familiar family feeling.  When you come to Bubbe’s home you get a heymish feeling.

Oh and an exciting announcement!  Project ReadOn!  We have the entire catalog now being transferred into closed captions.  If you need that little extra gift, get a Feed Me Bubbe t-shirt.  Only at feedmebubbe.com

The cabbage is out of the pot and on the plate ready for Bubbe to show you the next step.  Bubbe throws down advice letting you know that you can do this all the day before or even two days before.  It’s amazing how well the leaves peel off with no effort whatsoever.

And of course with any meal there are extras and Bubbe tells you exactly what to do with the extra cabbage.  But with that it is now time for the main event, the filling of the cabbage.

All of the ingredients from the eggs, to the hamburg, and even to the onions!  So many great ingredients being combined to make a meaty stuffed cabbage filling.

Bubbe does a little mixing with her hands and gets ready to take the filling she just made and to fill the cabbage leaves.  The rolling technique is amazing, just like a blintz.  If one is not enough Bubbe shows you again.  It is poetry in motion.

Since you get the idea, now it is time to do the rest.  Oh and here comes the part where Bubbe shows what you can do with the extra cabbage that she was talking about before.  The key is not to waste the food since you can always make use of it.  Others may use cabbage in the oven but Bubbe prefers using the stove itself.  

But what if there is a torn leaf, as Bubbe expertly holds up to the camera?  Not a problem just add the torn one to another leaf and add the filling like normal.  Nobody will know the difference since it gets rolled up anyway!

As we watch Bubbe stir the tomato paste with two cans of water among other ingredients the lovely sauce for the stuffed cabbage really shines.  Give a good stir and it gets poured all over the cabbage rolls.  And that is all, that is it!  Just bring to a boil and put the cover on!

Two cabbage rolls are taken out and they look delicious and amazing.  And look at the side dishes.  It is quite amazing what one can do with the leftovers.  

Bubbe thanks everyone that wrote letters… ummm we mean emails!  Wait who writes letters any more in this day in age of technology?  Nobody does, it’s all about the instant communications with the emails!  (and we love every one of them!)

And at this point the credit rolls, we can’t forget Guertin’s graphics and awards that did a wonderful job providing beautiful t-shirts.  If you have graphics and awards needs be sure to give them a ring.

Special thanks to Project ReadOn for their closed captions and to Blubrry for their overwhelming support!  And with that we end another ever exciting episode as the banjo plays us out!


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Feed Me Bubbe Episode #19 Chicken Schnitzel

October 25th, 2007 · 3 Comments · Episode Notes

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Episode Summary :

Schnitzel, human enhancement a hearty chicken meal that comes from the heart.

Show Notes:

The show opens up with a dedication in the memory of Jon Honig by Evelyn, page Jeff, health Wendy and Richard.

The rap like music begins, and our hip Bubbe gets into her spiel. Today it is all about chicken. But not just any chicken, this is schnitzel. It is a great way to give yourself a treat with not as much fat. And when the grandchildren eat it, what more can you ask.

Bubbe then shows off something that she is very proud of. It is a sample that says “Life’s greatest treasures come from the heart…” or as Bubbe likes to call it “Feelings come from the heart.”

Time to get to work. Find the recipe on feedmebubbe.com. So first the bread crumbs is really important. Grate it yourself but make sure to use the correct side of the grater. If you use the wrong side… well it could hurt. Just make sure to watch your fingers.

Then comes the egg, and the water, and the mixing. Speaking of mixing, in the flour is all kinds of spices. It is all about taking the spoon and mixing it all together.

Time to get rid of the fat. Just cut it out the best that you can and put into a plastic bag. And now it is hammer time. So bang that mallet or pot tops and start breaking the meat and expand it the best you can.

When it is time to coat and fry them make sure to wash your hands first.

Time to ask Bubbe… this time the question comes to us from YouTube. Svillethomas asks “Should I feel out of place watching these videos if I’m not Jewish?” What a good question and Bubbe has the perfect answer… “Absolutely not, enjoy….” She makes Irish food, Italian, etc. Bubbe makes it kosher but you can get all the food supplies in the market. This will help you develop new taste buds.

Today’s Yiddish word is very important for all over the world. TSDOKE now those that know of the word in hebrew it is TZEDAKAH but in Yiddish TSDOKE. Anyway Bubbe tells a touching story about the way people used to drop in coins. In this time when awful things are happening in California with the fires please remember to give TSDOKE to those that need. The key is not giving a fish but teaching how to fish.

All kinds of craziness taking place where we are getting emails from China and even India. ABC World News covered the story along with hearing that even Fox and Friends mentioned it on the air. Be sure to call the phone number and hear your voice on the air. 646 – 248 – 6978 or look on feedmebubbe.com for the toll free version.

Make sure to check out me.dium.com if you want to check out the show before anybody else and any other cool events that will be taking place in the future.

If you need to be able to access your PC from anywhere try GoToMyPC free today. As Bubbe said if it’s good for Bubbe and Avrom… then it’s going to even be better for you. gotomypc.com/podcast for 30 days

Back to the chicken in the pot. But the oil in the frying pan and let the oil flow. Now it is time to give the chicken a bath in the flour, egg wash, and bread crumbs.

Place on the aluminum foil pan and get it ready for the oven and even use the freezer if you need it. And then Bubbe turns the chicken over and places it into a plate with luchen (noodles), string beans, and carrots.

This podcast is sponsored by Guertin’s Graphics and Awards for all your graphics and awards needs go to www.guertingraphics.com or call 508-754-0200. Guertin’s Graphics and Awards is a family owned business for over 40 years. The quality of their product is amazing so the next time you have a graphics and awards need you know Guertin’s Graphics and Awards will be there to help you out.

Now you think the episode is over… but it ain’t over. Judy in Studio City leaves us with a great tip for the mandle bread. She couldn’t find the old ice trays. Well here is a great solution, take the dough and put it into the refrigerator a little while maybe an hour or too, it hardens up and it makes it easier to make the loaves put together.

And as for Jdate… maybe Bubbe should be doing shows on JDate, but it is all in good times. Anyway be sure to look out for t-shirts on its way with for every 100 shirts sold $100 will be donated to MAZON! Stay tuned…

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Feed Me Bubbe ABC World News

September 30th, 2007 · No Comments · Uncategorized

If you missed your chance here is your opportunity to see the feature of Feed Me Bubbe on ABC World News.

Part 1 is Dan Harris and part 2 Charles Gibson.

This is used with permission from ABC NEWS All Rights Reserved.

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Bubbe’s Rosh Hashanah Message

September 12th, 2007 · 1 Comment · Uncategorized

For our viewers and friends from all over the world, sickness

I want to express my thanks, appreciation, encouragement and for your inspiration which has helped make our videos a success. This has been a very exciting year for both Avrom and I.

Tonight on the eve of Rosh Hashanah, known as the Jewish New Year, I want to kick off the New Year wishing everyone good health, wealth, happiness, and peace.

Take time out, beginning with the traditional custom of dipping a slice of apple in honey. Why not join with our family and yours to start dinner off with everyone sitting around the table together, dipping a slice of apple in honey, wishing each other a sweet and good year.

Another good use of honey can be seen in the recent video that I made for Food Network’s Dave Lieberman’s show on Yahoo “In Search of Real Food”. The dish I made for Dave is vegetarian and is called tzimis and a meat version can be seen in episode #14 of my show listings. Both are made with carrots and honey and are a traditional dish made for Rosh Hashanah.

I continue to look forward to your emails and comments. I am amazed by the voice mail and the volume that I have received these past few months. And I have enjoyed speaking with you over AIM and on me.dium.com. I look forward to hearing from all of you.

Oh, and for a Yiddish greeting to have a happy holiday is “GUT YOMTOV”
May we all have a good and sweet year, wherever you are located.

Gut yomtov


Meat Tzimis Recipe

Vegetarian Tzimis Recipe

Meat Tzimis Video

Vegetarian Tzimis Video

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Feed Me Bubbe Episode #18 Cold Beet Borscht

August 31st, 2007 · 2 Comments · Episode Notes

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Episode Summary :

A cold soup that revitalizes the mind, this body and soul.

Show Notes:

Try GoToMyPC Free Today 30 day Free Trial

The show opens up with a dedication in the memory of Jon Honig by his grandson Jeffrey Honig.

Today Bubbe tells us we are going to make a summer soup. Have to make it good and make it fast.

She looked into her cabinet and found cold beets. Well she is going to make it simple and good and we will have something good in minutes.

Bubbe drains out the liquid from the beets and shows us all of her beets and the grating of the beets.

If you want the recipe make sure to go onto our website feedmebubbe.com and click on the recipe link.

Moving on Bubbe takes the grated beets and places them into her saucepan.

She goes over to the stove and places the saucepan on the range and brings it all to a boil.

Yiddish Word of the Day time and todays Yiddish word is…. well it’s a long beautiful poem appropriately called “I got was Words” Bubbe is not really sure who it is by, but still it is one poem you have to hear Bubbe read to you to get the full emotions from it.

Avrom of course wants one word and asks Bubbe, so wait what’s the word of the day? Good question Avrom. Bubbe responds POEME which in English is poem. Avrom sums it up… so poems poeme…

Make sure to check out me.dium.com if you want to check out the show before anybody else and any other cool events that will be taking place in the future.

Also make sure to help us…. help you…. help yourself…. by supporting our sponsors. Our sponsors and donations are the number one reason we have been able to keep improving in ways since our first episode.

If you need to be able to access your PC from anywhere try GoToMyPC free today. As Bubbe said if it’s good for Bubbe and Avrom… then it’s going to even be better for you. gotomypc.com/podcast for 30 days

Back to the Cold Beet Borscht. It’s been sizzling in the pot and all of these ingredients are being added in. You can just see the aroma. Make sure to place the cover on the pot.

So then you take it out after it being boiled so much but this is not hot beet Borscht, oh no this is Cold Beet Borscht. So being Cold Beet Borscht it needs to be placed in the refrigerator.

Bubbe then shows off how you can put in a potatoe and cream with cucumbers and all kinds of other tricks.

During the credits, Paula calls and tells us how much she enjoys the show. If you want to be on the show during the credits 646-248-6978. Bubbe loves hearing from you and she even can’t believe all the calls and emails that you have been getting.

The team has been really busy with the High Holy days approaching along with personal business but we are doing our best to continue updating everything, getting new episodes out, and other fun and cool surprises that you are sure to love.

Make sure to sign up for our newsletter to get all the inside scoops and direct notice of when a new episode is available for your viewing pleasure.

Til next time.

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Feed Me Bubbe Episode #17 Fresh Fruit Salad

August 3rd, 2007 · No Comments · Episode Notes

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Episode Summary :
In the summer heat, dosage you need a fruity treat, diagnosis to keep yourself cool.

Show Notes:
This episode is dedicated to me.dium.com

Summer time, try is a time for food, family and fun. One of our viewers Tad from the University of Kansas, asked the tough question. He wanted to learn how to pick out the best from the fruit and vegetable section.

It is then that the new theme music kicked in. Pretty snazzy…

Bubbe starts talking about how this is the perfect season for fruit and Bubbe wanted to thank everyone for emailing her about fruit.

She then talks about fruit being taken off the tree that it is hard so that since it is coming to the store it has to be semi ripened so that the store can sell it correctly.

First Bubbe shows off her fresh fruits, grapes that are fine not worry about.

Cherries, Bubbe likes to eat them like nuts. And then watch out for the nectarines and the peaches, apples, and plumbs. You have to watch carefully for the stone in the middle like mango.

Mango is delicious and more popular everyday, it needs to be soft and sweeten.

Another fruit is an avocado, if it is green it is not ripened, it needs to turn black and soft to the touch.

Try to buy fruit a day or two beforehand and those that want to make it ripe quicker uses a paper bag.

Make sure to wash and prepare the fruit.

Bubbe loves using a clear bowl. And use her lime concoction.

Look at the squeezing of the lime, you can see the aroma.

Yiddish word of the day and then all of a sudden, Avrom pulls a fast one… ok fine, it’s time for an ask Bubbe. Hedwig85 on YouTube wrote in asking about the mushrooms in the fricassee are they necessary if you are allergic.

Bubbe responds that they are not necessary and you can still make the dish. No crime of leaving out the mushrooms.

Yiddish word of the day sponsored by me.dium.com make sure to check out sneak peeks and special exclusives of Feed Me Bubbe on me.dium.com

The word today is “mishpokhe” meaning family.

Thank you to everyone using are two godaddy codes, POD59 and BLU59

And Bubbe wants to thank the emails, she wants you to be patient with her. It is taking her a lot of time to get to all of them so please be patient.

Make sure to vote for Bubbe for the Podcast People’s Choice Awards www.podcastawards.com

Bubbe uses her melon scooper to scoop out the watermelon. That always helps.

For the layering use whatever you want, Bubbe starts with grapes, strawberries, and then carefully layers the rest of the fruit. Just make sure to wash your hands before preparing any meal, even fruit!

After a rock montage that they use in all the movies to show progress it is time for the lime juice mixture all over in the glass bowl!

And that takes us to the end of another exciting episode…

Oh wait no it’s not! Ed from Ed’s Mix Bag has something that he has to say! Listen to the credits for this wonderful surprise! 646 – 248 – 6978

And once again make sure to vote www.podcastawards.com until August 11th!

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Feed Me Bubbe Episode #16 Blintzes

June 10th, 2007 · 1 Comment · Episode Notes

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Episode Summary :

It is time for shavuos so here is a treat that you can all sink your dairy eating teeth in.

Show Notes:

Try GotoMyPC free for 30 days! For this special offer, discount rx visit www.gotomypc.com/podcast

Sherri P. from Arizona you are our hero! Contributions have been amazing. If it was not for all of your amazing support this episode would not be possible. During the time we were off the air the following had to be repaired:

First there was the camera, doctor it needed a good cleaning and $300 worth of parts to get it to work again. Then there was the issue of the computer and camera not hooking up correctly so we were forced to upgrade our software. In the end we are scraping the bottom of the bucket.

Those that have donated so far you have done a huge mitzvah (kindness) to preserving these wonderful memories. I am trying to treat this as a job to make sure it gets proper care but I can only do it with your help.

We are thrilled to be back and are doing everything in our power to solve all of the issues that have taken place so far. We could have just given up when the repairs needed to be done, but your support has allowed us to continue.

Now on to the meat and potatoes….

Today we are going to make blintzes and we have recieved so many requests that this episode was going to be blintzes. It brought back memories of when Bubbe used to make them. Want to make them with bubbe then check out the recipe here (coming soon)

Bubbe’s gotten a little lazy going with frozen blintzes which is not so bad but in this episode she got to experience finding the recipe. After a long search she found it burried under so many other little recipes. Blintzes can be eaten any time so Bubbe wants to thank everyone for sending in for this request.

Bubbe then shows the ingredients. There is a lot of alternating with a little flour and water. More flour and more water, mour flour and then more water. Keep stirring, more water, even more water, more flour, move it, basically keep it moving.

Then there is the frying pan. You need to choose one that will become partners with you. And when it comes to the margarine you can use foil.

We then proceed to watch Bubbe make batch after batch in the frying pan. And the best part is when she bangs it on the table. Be sure to bang with strong force.

The key with all of this is that it takes time and that the first few are always not good or perfect. Don’t worry if it’s not good the first few as you do more attempts it will get better over time. And don’t forget to grease the pan.

Time for an Ask Bubbe, this one comes from Meridith who asks “I just found your show today, and I absolutely love it… I’m planning on trying several recipes do you have any advice on where I could substitute butter in your recipe safely, and where it would be a bad idea?

Bubbe’s answer is that she likes to use margarine since she wants to cut down on cholestorol and fat for dairy meals and for meat and parave using parave margarine.

Yiddish word of the Day today is YONTEV which means holiday, so we want to wish everyone a gut yontev, well at that time we were hoping the episode was going to come out before shavuos. Oh well, it may be a little late but we still wish you a gut yontev.

Avrom’s Behind the Scenes look let’s you know another incident with gotomypc.com/podcast. Make sure to check it out and if you like it tell them Feed Me Bubbe sent you.

Now time for the feeling and the adding of the cheeses and the mushing together and softening to make a nice blended filling.

Then it’s time to fry and smell the aromas.

Just listen to them sizzle. It’s to die for especially with sour cream and a sprinkling for the blintzes.

Try them, see you next time and we need more callers so call us please and leave a message 646-248-6978 and if you need a toll free way of doing it we can provide one for you too.

Well thank you for joining us and stay tuned for the next episode. And seriously try GoToMyPc.com! You will thank yourself the next time it helps you out.

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There was a glitch on a few of the episodes!

April 27th, 2007 · No Comments · Uncategorized

Ok there was a glitch on a few of the episodes but they have all been fixed. If you see anything in the future please AIM: feedmebubbe or email webmaster@chalutzproductions.com

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Feed Me Bubbe Episode #15 Kasha Varnishkes

April 18th, 2007 · 1 Comment · Episode Notes

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Episode Summary :

What do you get when you mix bowties and meat? A really good meal!

Show Notes:

Try GotoMyPC free for 30 days! For this special offer, practitioner visit www.gotomypc.com/podcast

First of all a big thank you to Helen C.. from Ohio. Your contributions are starting to slowly shine through. As we strive to improve ourselves things tend to break but thanks to the fans we are doing our best to fix everything we can. Anyway on to the show!

Bubbe starts the show off and before she can get a word out Avrom interrupts her letting her know that Art of Living from Retirement Lving is visiting today to tape behind the scenes of Bubbe.

Bubbe then goes on and starts talking about the Senior Center and the nutritionist that comes in once a month. So Bubbe brings in her kasha varnishkes. The nutritionist mentioned how it’s delicious! With the ingredients and the benifits she is going to recommend it to all of her clients. And now you can make this healty treat too! Here is the recipe!

We start with one bowl of kasha and it’s the medium version of it. Notice the camera shot of the kasha sprinkling into the bowl. Of coures we have the mushrooms and the onions and I got to say the picture quality is better then we have ever had it! It just brings a tear to my eye!

It’s at this point we watch Bubbe going all over the kitchen. She’s sauteing, she’s beating eggs, and dissolving cubes. So much going on for one delicious recipe.

It’s at this point just have to notice how well the piano is working with the background of this show. Seems to help blend and calm everything into something that makes sense. If there is any video you should see for color alone it’s this one!

Now it’s time for the yiddish word of the day and of course it is MAZLTOV. Now the thing is it should be Mazel Tov but this is not the hebrew word of the day but instead the Yiddish word of the day. There was even a discussion behind the scenes if Mazel Tov is even Yiddish. Ok fine Bubbe was right so now it’s in the show. So after all of this what does it mean? Congratulations, Good Luck. So there you go the Yiddish Word of the Day.

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Now we are back to the show and Bubbe is moving faster then ever. So many different things to keep track of. But the more she blends things the better it is going to taste.

This recipe can be frozen and Bubbe decided to serve with pot roast and a vegtable so try it out and let Bubbe know how you enjoyed it!

Well thank you for joining us and stay tuned for the next episode. And seriously try GoToMyPc.com! You will thank yourself the next time it bails you out.

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